The mission of Écohabitations boréales is to build living environments that correspond to their owners’ lifestyles, where they will enjoy living while minimizing the ecological footprint.

Écohabitations boréales is attentive to detail and selection of the best materials. Our ability to listen, our transparency, flexibility, and clarity as well as our capacity for innovation and conscientious leadership gives customers a pleasant building experience. Surrounded by an established team of experienced carpenters and high-performance subcontractors, Écohabitations boréales builds high-quality, certified constructions.
Écohabitations boréales is an innovative company. All eco-friendly homes built by Écohabitations boréales are designed to reduce the ecological footprint at the best possible cost. ble. Since its launch, the company has gradually developed a network of suppliers and collaborators who share its values and contribute to its constant improvement in this area.


We build on your lot, according to your plan and budget in Laval, the Laurentians and Lanaudière regions. We can assist you in the design of your home and its construction on your lot.

Excellence and quality

Since 2009, we have won nine Domus awards, including the prestigious Builder of the Year in 2014. We are accredited Novoclimat - Groupe Sélect and have an AA Quality Rating under the GCR warranty plan.

Certified constructions

Our constructions are LEED and Novoclimat certified. These high-level certification programs ensure that your home will meet the quality and highest efficient standards in the industry.

Family Homes

Do you own a lot and want to build your own house on it? We can draw up a complete plan with you and build your house or cottage. Have a look at our family houses.

Transparence and integrity

We have developed a transparent project management approach which allows us to share technical and financial information on the work progress between partners (client, designer, architect, etc.).

In complete confidence

We know that your housing project will be a very important part of your life. Our ability to listen and our flexibility will allow you to have a pleasant and stimulating experience, as shown by the many testimonials of our former clients

Prestigious homes

We have the experience and expertise to carry out your high-end, refined home project. We count on a network of subcontractors and workers capable of performing complex work. Browse through our prestigious homes.


  • Marc and Caroline

    Julie and Robin, we would like to thank you for the work done by Écohabitations boréales. Our expectations for our building project were high and you exceeded them.

    - Marc and Caroline
  • Simon and Joannie

    Above all, we were looking for dedicated people and entrepreneurs who shared the same values as we did. We quickly understood that Écohabitation boréales was right for us.

    - Simon and Joannie
  • Johanne and Daniel

    Even after five years, we are convinced that we picked the best team!

    - Johanne and Daniel
  • Frederic and Gabrielle

    Friends warmly recommended Écohabitations boréales, but it was Julie and Robin’s professionalism that convinced us to work with this team.

    - Frederic and Gabrielle


Learn more about our construction methods and the latest company news.

28 Apr

Our Construction Costs

Our Construction Costs

Before we present any numbers here, it should be noted that they apply specifically to Écohabitations boréales and are not intended to represent construction costs in an urban setting, remote areas beyond the Laurentians or the costs of other builders. The construction costs shown here are by the square foot (sq. ft.) for a typical 2,500 sq. ft. home built on a parcel of land with a slight grade (15% and less).

29 Mar

Écohabitations boréales: Winner of 9 Domus Awards!

Écohabitations boréales: Winner of 9 Domus Awards!

By rewarding Écohabitations boréales with three new Domus awards in 2020, the APCHQ for the Montreal Metropolitan Region has reaffirmed that we are a leader in residential construction when it comes to quality and efficiency. Since 2011, Écohabitations boréales has won nine Domus awards, including the prestigious Builder of the Year trophy in 2014.

1 Apr

Écohabitations boréales: Excellence and Technical Quality

Écohabitations boréales: Excellence and Technical Quality

The excellence and technical quality of our builds are verified and certified by Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR), the organization that has given us our AA quality rating. To obtain such a rating, a company must be able to demonstrate financial stability and submit many of its projects to mandatory inspections led by GCR. The […]

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