Do you dream of spending your retirement years up north? Are you thinking of building the perfect home for you and your family, but aren’t sure where to begin? At Écohabitations boréales, we have the experience and expertise to make your dream home a reality.

A Home That Reflects Your Personality

Écohabitations boréales carries out projects that are a perfect fit with your vision of a unique and esthetically pleasing home. We can build on your land, based on your plan and budget. But we also work with partners who can draw up a complete set of plans from your specifications. And if you already have plans drawn up, no problem! We will work from them to build your future home exactly as you’ve pictured it.

Maison familiale dans les Laurentides
Maison familiale dans les Laurentides

Built for Comfort and Health

By meeting LEED and Novoclimat certifications (at no extra charge to you!), your house will be guaranteed healthy for the whole family. The choice of materials is critical to this process, as they must contain fewer allergens and substances that could trigger asthma attacks and reactions to chemicals.

Our certified buildings are also more comfortable. We use efficient techniques for the walls and roof, giving the home a superior level of airtightness in comparison to a conventional house. In addition to eliminating unwanted drafts, we prevent damaging moisture from penetrating the walls. It therefore becomes easier to heat and more comfortable.

A Long-Lasting Investment

The environmentally responsible measures we take when building new homes help lower your monthly energy costs. Our Novoclimat-approved houses result in an estimated 20% energy savings compared with a home built in accordance with Quebec’s new building code.

Superior insulation – a high-performance product installed seamlessly from basement to attic – helps protect the structure from cold and makes the home much more energy-efficient. Market statistics show that eco-friendly and efficient buildings like ours fetch higher prices and sell more quickly.

Maison familiale dans les Laurentides
Maison familiale dans les Laurentides

Total Peace of Mind

We know that building your home will be a milestone in your life. To make the experience pleasant and stimulating, we are the cornerstone between you and the other partners (subcontractors, architect, designer). We manage the process attentively, carefully and transparently. Our methods maximize the constant flow of technical and financial information and help keep the project moving forward.

Écohabitations boréales has received nine Domus awards for excellence in construction since 2011, including the prestigious Builder of the Year trophy in 2014. Our responsiveness, communication and rigour are your most valuable assets when it comes to building the home that truly reflects your personality.

A comfortable, efficient and solidly built home is within your reach. Take a look at our latest success stories: family homes ranging from $300,000 to $750,000. Contact us to discuss your plans!

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