Écohabitations boréales: Winner of 9 Domus Awards!

Publié le 29, Mar 2019
Écohabitations boréales: Winner of 9 Domus Awards!

By rewarding Écohabitations boréales with three new Domus awards in 2020, the APCHQ for the Montreal Metropolitan Region has reaffirmed that we are a leader in residential construction when it comes to quality and efficiency. Since 2011, Écohabitations boréales has won nine Domus awards, including the prestigious Builder of the Year trophy in 2014.

Domus is the Latin term for dwelling, home, house. Since 1984, the Domus trophy has honoured professional builders who demonstrate their skills as business leaders, innovators and creators of high-quality residential projects. Each year, the competition attracts some 100 companies to submit their best achievements in 17 competitive categories.

” The Domus awards, a mark of confidence that rewards excellence in construction ” – APCHQ – Montreal Metropolitan Region

Écohabitations boréales is committed to building highly efficient houses that meet exacting quality standards. The highest reward in work like this is always the customer’s satisfaction, but industry recognition of excellence also adds to the reputation of the company and its suppliers in the marketplace. The Domus awards are a huge source of pride and motivation for all employees at Écohabitations boréales and for everyone who contributes to our success.

La maison Ecohab won the Domus Sustainable Development award and took the top spot in the category “New House of the Year/$300,000-under $550,000.” The Le Hameau house won the Domus for Prestige Dwelling.

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