Gestion de projet hors pair - Écohabitations boréales est reconnue pour sa gestion de projet hors pair

Have an enjoyable experience

We know that our clients’ housing projects are very significant moments in their lives. We believe that building a home should be an enjoyable and stimulating experience. We know how to work as a team with clients, designers and architects. We have developed a transparent project management process that enables us to share technical and financial information on the progress of projects with our partners at all times.

We have developed an accompanying assistance guide that prioritizes the choices to be made in a custom home construction: from plumbing to exterior siding, everything is listed. Our work projects, transparency and rigourous supervision, are key elements of our approach which allows our clients to make informed choices.

Écohabitations boréales is known for outstanding project management and many testimonials from past clients attest to this.

Your land, your plan

We build on your land, according to your plan and your budget. We have partners with whom we can draw up a complete plan based on your needs. We can also build according to your plan made by your architect. Each project is unique, we specialize in custom home construction. We build in the Laurentians and Lanaudière regions.

Votre terrain, votre plan - Nous construisons sur votre terrain, selon votre plan et votre budget
Sur le chantier

Excellence and quality

Depuis 2011, Écohabitations Since 2011, Écohabitations boréales has received nine Domus awards, including the prestigious Builder of the Year award in 2014. Since 1984, the Domus trophy has paid tribute to professional builders who have demonstrated their qualities as business leaders, innovators and developers of high quality residential projects. The excellence and technical quality of our constructions is also recognized by the GCR. The organization awarded us a quality rating A. In order to obtain this rating, our company had to be financially sound and submit several of its constructions to mandatory inspections conducted by the GCR.

Finally, we are convinced of the importance of offering our customers high-performance construction in terms of comfort and energy savings. This is why Écohabitations boréales is certified Novoclimat and is one of the “Select Novoclimat” contractors. Écohabitations boréales is committed to delivering high-performance buildings that meet the highest quality standard.

General Contractor

Écohabitations boréales holds a contractor’s licence from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). This qualification is mandatory for building a new home from A to Z. By entrusting your construction project to us, you will save time and benefit from our excellent subcontractors network and our expertise in carrying out your entire project, ensuring that the process is done smoothly and efficiently. You will save a lot of time and energy. From turnkey construction to taking charge of certain project phases for each client, our service is flexible and tailored to your needs. We carry out new constructions as well as all kinds of renovations and expansions.

Entrepreneur général - Écohabitations boréales est détentrice d’une licence d’entrepreneur de la Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)

Robin Gauthier-Ouellet hold a Master’s degree in industrial engineering from the Polytechnique Montréal. He is responsible for cost estimation, sales and site supervision. Julie Hudon obtains an Education degree from the Université de Montréal. She is in charge of the materials selection, orders, financial and logistical projects follow-up as well as business development. Six carpenters and two assistants complete the team and make it possible to manage many projects simultaneously.

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